Medicine To Stop Menstrual Blood

Keep in mind that it is vital to be free of menstruation during some of the days that one stays in Makkah in order to perform the umrah and exit the state of iḥrām before returning to one’s home country. For this reason, many ladies choose to completely delay their menstruation or manipulate its timing with medication until they return from their trip.

The most popular medications that women take to stop their menstrual bleeding for umrah are:

  • Birth control pills
  • Primolut Nor tablets

Both types have their pluses/minuses, and each woman’s body will respond differently to each medication.

Birth Control

There are various birth control companies that exist in today’s times. We do not have any specific recommendation. It is important to note that for some women, it takes up to three months for their bodies to become adjusted to the pill. Please consult your medical practitioner for what is best for your situation.

Primolut Nor

As for Primolut Nor, it is by far the most popular option. Primolut Nor is a synthetic progesterone pill. Over the years, we’ve helped women take this tablet and tracked their experiences. For most women, Primulot Nur works well. It can be used to delay the oncoming of one’s period, to lighten one’s flow after menstruation begins, or to shorten the amount of days for one’s usual habit of menstruating.

Although the package instructions state that one can only take the tablet for up to ten days, we have known women who have taken this tablet for up to 20 to 30 days without any problems. Of course, everyone’s circumstance is different so please consult your medical practitioner of how to use this tablet inshaAllah.

To read more about Primolut Nor, click here.

Remember to take as much medication as you need with you (maybe even extra). Sometimes these pills/tablets run out at the pharmacies in Makkah; so do not rely on buying them there inshaAllah.

Some women experience breakthrough bleeding despite taking medication to stop their flow. Read about breakthrough bleeding here.