Marriage Coaching

Become inspired to be the best couple that you can be according to the sunna.

Life Coaching

Set life goals, get motivated, and take charge of your future.

Emotion Coaching

Overcome childhood baggage and negative emotional states.

Women's Fiqh Courses

Learn your deen and love it. Live the five pillars with purpose.

Teen Deen Courses

Gain perspective of how to be a Muslim woman and live everyday Islam.

Islamic Answers

Reliable answers about Islamic topics just for Muslim women

“I found the course brilliant mashaAllah. What was so unique for me was that it was the first time I studied the subject with a female teacher. I actually can’t wait until the upcoming course.”

“I want to thank you for making your insights available to women at large. Jazak Allah khair for offering marriage advice that puts Allah at the center of it.”

“I want to tell you how impressive your coaching site is. Women are very blessed to have you. Your positive and uplifting advice is superb. Really valuable stuff!”

“I have had less stress and worry as I always have and just felt more free than I have with regards to myself. I can’t tell you enough what the one-on-one session and the marriage classes have done for me. I’m almost like a new person.”

“I just finished reading the blog post today and I was so amazed at how beautiful, simple, and wise your advice is. And I was so awestruck, and I kept thinking how needed and valuable this information is, and I doubt that there is anything similar on the web.”

“The material is very well prepared and presented giving the students very good beneficial, practical and relevant information. The course extends beyond the female and also lends to our spouse and children.”

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