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Our coaching focuses on nurturing a healthy Heart Connection™ by way of developing a strong relationship with Allah Most High, the Prophet ﷺ, and our higher selves. We help single ladies, new brides, wives, couples, and divorced women with our online services. 

Private Coaching

Discover ideas of how to change your life, better your marriage, manage your emotions, and excel in your faith for the sake of Allah.  

“This experience has been fantastic, I have learnt so much from the coach. It’s been hands on, practical, and applicable to Muslims, which a book doesn’t give you.”  

Videos & Audios

Uplifting advice for Muslim women based on the Qur’an and sunna.

“MashAllah with the beautiful mannerism you deliver keeps me locked from the start to the end.”  

Islamic Courses

Learn your deen and love it. Live the five pillars of Islam with purpose.

“I found the course brilliant mashaAllah. What was so unique for me was that it was the first time I studied the subject with a female teacher. I actually can’t wait until the upcoming course.”  

Answers & Advice

Reliable answers about Islamic topics just for Muslim women.  

“Women are very blessed to have you. Your positive and uplifting advice is superb. Really valuable stuff!”  


Get our best marriage tips for married women and singles.  

“Jazak Allah khair for offering marriage advice that puts Allah at the center of it.”  

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