A selection of live classes and self-paced courses for Muslim women and teens seeking to know their deen. Listen. Learn. Become inspired to worship Allah Most High with your heart in your daily actions and relationships with others.

$50 USD

Learn the basics of menstruation and abnormal bleeding. Ages 12-16

“All the new knowledge I have learned I wasn’t aware of. The way Ustadha Naielah explains it touches the heart. The way she explains it gives a motivation for doing things you perhaps already knew but didn’t do before.”  

$35 USD

Get answers to the most common questions that women ask about menstruation and abnormal bleeding. 

“Each lesson helped me to increase my iman and improve the way I make dua.”

$10 USD

Create a beautiful bond with your Creator through the power of du’a.  

“I really enjoy attending Ustadha Naielah’s classes. Her sincerity, love for the deen, and desire to help us all work on our relationship with Allah Most High is clearly evident. She is very knowledgeable and insightful.”  

$20 USD

Put yourself in the shoes of the female companions and understand from their example how to deal with life struggles.

“I found the course brilliant mashaAllah. I’ve lost count of how many times I have studied the fiqh of purification, however what was so unique for me this time, was that it was the first time I studied the subject with a female teacher. The level of detail, the images/diagrams, specifics related to female anatomy and the way the course was delivered – the enthusiasmwas just perfect mashaAllah. I actually can’t wait until the upcoming course.”  

Currently Not Offered

Learn what every woman needs to know about menstruation, post-natal bleeding, and abnormal vaginal blood.

“Everything was made very clear and the attitude of the teacher was very comforting and far from any judgement.”  

Currently Not Offered

Learn the meanings behind each dhikr and du’a said in the ritual prayer.

“Ustadha Naielah is a source of great inspiration for all types of women.”  

100% Free

Access recordings for our past live events.

“Ustadha Naielah made me realize that I need to learn my deen deeper and better.”  

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Learn the essentials and sunnas of fasting along with inspiration.

“I like the way she explained things, and gave us the background of certain rules. It gives so much life into it. And the video, that’s also really nice. Alhamdulillah.”  

100% Free

Spiritually prepare for your umra and learn how to benefit during your journey.