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Learn how to tell the difference between a relationship that is good for your heart and a relationship that you may need to work on, or even let go.

“I felt energized and inspired by your tips and advice.”

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Hear about the virtues of Ramadan. Remind yourself about the essentials of fasting. Listen to practical advice of how to gain the most out of this Ramadan.

“The sessions are always very motivational, relatable and makes you want to become a better person.”

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Hear about what separates emotionally intelligent spouses from the rest and how they make their marriages peaceful and blissful.

“The event was lovely! I really enjoyed how Ustadha Naielah remained neutral throughout the entire session. She provided realistic answers on how to navigate things related to marriage especially in today’s time. She is really well spoken and may Allah SWT protect and reward her and her loved ones.”  

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Hear the answer to this frequently asked question about if happy Muslim marriages exist in today’s times! 

“This was amazing!! I loved this event, so informative and easy to follow and touching on so many things I was interested in! I didn’t want it to end!”  


Hear stories of the female Companions and learn how they overcame struggles, trials, and strife.

“The teacher has the ability to grip the attention of the listener due to her delivery style.”