These are popular questions and answers that women have about our workshops:

Question: What is the standard format for how a workshop is conducted?

The format for all of our workshops is that the coach spends the majority of the time presenting the topic, while a shorter amount of time is allotted for a q&a at the end.

Question: How many hours are a workshop?

one-day workshop session is typically 2-3 hours.

If a workshop runs for over a series of weeks, then each session will usually last 90 minutes. For example, if the workshop is scheduled for four weeks, then participants meet once a week for 90 minutes for a total of four times.

Workshop days/times are always announced in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

Question: How many participants are in a workshop?

A one-day workshop may include 15-30 women.

For workshops that run over a series of weeks, we are more restrictive in the numbers. Each session may include 10-15 women.

Question: Do I see the coach during the workshop? What about seeing the other participants?

The coach uses live video and you can see her during the entire time inshaAllah. For participants who do not want to see the coach’s video, they can choose to close the webcam window and focus on the presentation only.

Participants are not allowed to use their own video cameras during the session, but they can use their microphones during the q&a. Participants can also use the chat feature to submit their questions.

Question: Are sessions interactive?

Yes, but each participant can choose how much they want to participate. If a participant only wants to listen, this is fine too.

Question: Will I be asked about my personal circumstances or problems in public?

No. Workshops are centered around the topic of the presentation. Participants will not be asked to share anything about their personal life, unless they volunteer to do so.

Question: Can I record the sessions? Will a recording be given after the session?

No we do not allow participants to record the sessions. We also do not provide a recording of the session for participants. Attendance must be live.

Question: How much do workshops cost?

A one-day workshop is usually around $30 USD.

Prices vary for workshops that run over a series of weeks.

Question: What are you workshop terms and conditions?

Read our live workshop terms and conditions here. By registering, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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