Marital Makeover: Hadiths That Will Beautify Your Relationship

The Islamic New Year is in, and this is a FANTASTIC time to set new goals for the sake of Allah Most High.

What better thing to strive for than to perfect your marriage!?

Our NEW workshop, Marital Makeover: Hadiths That Will Beautify Your Relationship, will give you keen insight on how to adorn your marriage with what is pleasing to Allah Most High inshaAllah.

Learn the meanings behind awe-inspiring hadith.

Benefit from the Prophet’s nasiha to the believers (Allah bless him and give him peace).

Gain new ideas with our coaching tactics.

Start your new year off right with a noble intention to do what it takes to strengthen your marital bond and make it more beautiful inshaAllah!  

What You Will Learn

  • Meanings behind inspiring hadiths 
  • Islamic remedies for how to deal with negative emotions 
  • Practical life coaching tactics 
  • Marriage advice for common problems

Live Session Logistics

  • Online workshop – listen anywhere
  • Live video of coach
  • Session worksheets provided
  • SISTERS ONLY – limited spots available
  • Conducted via Google Meet
  • Popular Q&A about sessions

The Coach

Naielah Ackbarali is the founder and CEO of Muslima Coaching. She is passionate about inspiring Muslim women by way of spreading the beauty of living an Islamic life. 

She was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and moved to South Florida in her childhood. She obtained her BA degree from Florida State University with a double major in International Affairs and Sociology. In her early twenties, she moved to Amman, Jordan to study classical Arabic at the Qasid Institute.

In 2007, she married her husband and moved to Damascus, Syria, where she lived for almost 6 years, while simultaneously studying various Islamic sciences with traditional scholars of the Hanafi madhhab.

She moved back to Jordan in December 2012 where she is still currently residing alhamduliLlah. She continues to study the deen with local scholars in Amman, while she helps coach women.

Naielah is a trained wife coach, certified life coach, and a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

She is an author and has written five books. (Find them on Amazon.)

In her free time, Naielah teaches Hanafi fiqh for women, actively reads self-help and marriage books, and practices developing her cooking/baking skills.

Read testimonials about Muslima Coaching here.

Reviews From Previous Workshops

“Alhumdulilah, I loved this webinar. I see I have so MUCH to learn and I am eager to do so.”

“I’ve really benefited from this and really appreciate this.” 

“I loved the theme. It was like a step by step guide from accepting to believing, and having faith to action. Really well done MashAllah.”

“I was hoping to walk away with some practical tips to implement in my life straight away, and that is what I got.”

“Practical and thought provoking.”

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Marital Makeover: Hadiths That Will Beautify Your Relationship


Sunday, September 15th at 10 am – 12 pm (EST) / 3 pm – 5 pm (London)  / 5 pm – 7 pm (Makkah)

Where: Live Video Online Workshop via Google Meet

Popular Q&A about our workshop sessions. 

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