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An Open Love Letter – Why I Love Being A Muslima

Dear Deen al Islam,

It is the eve of Eid 2019 and my heart longs for you more than ever before. 

You are the comfort of my heart, the goodness that nourishes my soul, and the hope that energizes my spirit.

I love how you exhort me to pray five times a day – it is what saves me from my heedlessness regularly.

I love how you tell me to fast an entire month, every Monday and Thursday, Arafat, and more – it is what chains my greedy desires from indulging lavishly.

I love how you encourage me to invoke God’s name from the morning until the evening and into the mysterious, quiet hours of the dawn – it keeps me in a state of awe and tranquility.

I love how you insist on greeting my relatives, friends, neighbors, and all believers with the salam – it washes away bad feelings and unites my heart with a worldwide family. 

I love how you entrust me to pay zakat, slaughter yearly, care for the orphan, and donate to charity – it helps me to remember those less fortunate and hungry. 

I love how you urge me to give gifts, feed others, and lead a lifestyle of simplicity – it frees me from striving to attain the empty lifestyle of the worldly. 

I love how you command me to marry, lower my gaze, and dress modestly – it saves me from unnecessary heartache and dignifies my appearance outwardly.

I love how you motivate me to check my intentions, serve others, and make a difference for the sake of Allah Most High – it pushes me to transform this selfish soul into a selfless creature inwardly.

I love how you teach me that a smile is charity, kindness is beauty, respecting elders is from propriety, and to treat children with mercy – it guides me to the best of character and sincerity.

I love how you demand that I speak the truth, follow God Almighty’s commands, shun sins, and repent – it returns my black heart back to sweet purity.

I love how you obligate me to perform a pilgrimage for God’s sake and guide me to emulate the actions of the best of His creation ﷺ – it challenges me to live up to an ancient Prophetic legacy

I love how you instruct me that I am closest to my Lord when I prostrate my head on the floor, that wudu will be an illumination for me on the Day of Judgement, and that my good deeds wash away my bad deeds – it makes me strive towards my eternal destiny.

O’ Islam! Where would I be without you? 

O’ Islam! What would I be without you?

O’ Islam! Who would I be without you?

You transform raging beasts into the civilized with the nobility of your guidance. 

You convert the ignorant into a learned student with the light of your remembrance. 

You adorn boastful fools in humility with the beauty of your message’s emphasis. 

My heart beats for you! You are my true love. O’ how I love you and how I love being a Muslima!

© Muslima Coaching, 2019.

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Naielah Ackbarali

Ustadha Naielah Ackbarali is the founder and CEO of Muslima Coaching. She is passionate about inspiring Muslim women by way of spreading the beauty of living an Islamic life. Ustadha Naielah is a trained strategic relationship coach, certified life coach, and a certified NLP Master Practitioner. Combined with her knowledge of the shariah sciences, coaching experience, and personal marriage of 15 years, she also offers faith-based marriage coaching and relationship advice.