As much as we have the intention to help as many Muslims as possible, the reality is that some life problems involve things that coaching cannot resolve. We pray that Allah Most High makes things easy for everyone and protects the ummah and the believers from this worldly life.

We cannot help people in the following situations:

  • the client or spouse is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substance
  • the client or spouse is physically or emotionally abusive
  • the client or spouse is not faithful to the relationship (exceptions may apply)
  • the client or spouse has a medically diagnosed mental / psychological disorder or personality disorder
  • the client or spouse has a history of trauma or currently undergoing therapy for trauma
  • the client or spouse is suicidal
  • the client or spouse is not Muslim

We encourage individuals in any of these situations to seek immediate help from their local authorities, families, and communities. Our prayers are with you.

Disclaimer: Muslima Coaching’s tactics are based on the coach’s personal research and experience with clients / couples. Muslima Coaching does not endorse the marriage advice or coaching strategies of any specific scholar, spiritual path (tariqa), author or book.

Muslima Coaching is a coaching service that is centered around professional coaching tactics and religious guidance. It is not a replacement for professional psychotherapy, medical treatment, legal mediation, or fatwa from a mufti.

We are not:

  • Scholars – We base our coaching on Islamic rulings, are students of knowledge, and return to our teachers for guidance, but we are not shariah experts who have legal authority like an Islamic council.
  • Legal Mediators – We only teach relationship and life skills and give heart-to-heart advice, and we do not resolve financial problems, in-law disputes, divorce, etc.
  • Medical Professionals – We offer a professional coaching service, which should not be mistaken for professional medical help like a professional psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, etc.