Please listen to our recordings for practical tips of how to perform the umrah and ziyara of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).

The following are additional tips and suggestions from friends who have recently went on umrah. If you would like to add a tip/suggestion, please contact us.


  • Go to Makkah first, tire yourself out there with ibada and then enjoy the ease of Madina
  • Eat the free breakfast at the hotel and fill up there
  • Avoid the chicken and beef from Brazil – going vegetarian is best
  • ONLY eat lamb that’s from Saudi, India, or New Zealand
  • DO NOT order extra zamzam because the Saudis only allow each visitor to take 5 kilos per person
  • Share your prayer mat with those praying next to you by laying it horizontally, not vertically
  • Make room for others to pray in the prayer rows and point out empty spaces for those looking for a place to pray in the line
  • Help keep the holy places clean by picking up any trash that was left on the floors, like tissues or plastic cups
  • Don’t carry large sums of money with you or any valuable documents in your wallet/purse


  • Enter the mosque in Makkah through the less-crowded gates: the Umrah Gate or the King Fahd Gate (the King Abdul Aziz is the most crowded)
  • Good hotels in Makkah: Swissotel, Fairmount, Dar al-Tawhid, Hilton Suites


  • Zamzam water is now sold at the Madina airport so you do not have to buy it in Madina and lug it to the airport (it’s located at a kiosk outside of the airport terminal, to the right-hand side of the main entrance of the departures section – do not enter the airport doors – each 5 kilo bottle is 9 Saudi Riyals and it is pre-packaged for air travel)
  • Good hotels in Madina that are close to Prophet’s maqam ﷺ: ZamZam Pullman, Crown Plaza, Madinah Movenpick
  • Good hotels in Madina that are close to ladies’ prayer area: Dar al-Taqwa, Shaza,  Anwar al-Madina Movenpick

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