Happily-ever after isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a choice!

Forming a good marriage takes individual effort, time, and thought. It also requires adopting the right perspective and doing personal groundwork transformation before tying the knot.

Unfortunately, many single sisters fall into the mistake of waiting too long to prepare for marriage. Save yourself from the heartache of a bad marriage by learning and understanding how to make your future marriage successful NOW!

Join our NEW online workshop – “The Truth About Marriage” – and learn the honest reality of what it takes to make or break a romantic relationship with your future husband inshaAllah. Ask the questions that you’ve been dying to know answers to and discover for yourself the real story about married life.

Workshop Benefits

Our q&a workshop gives single women the opportunity to ask their most personal questions about marriage either live or anonymously.

The amount of participants in our workshops is purposely kept small to guarantee individual interaction with the coach inshaAllah.

Workshop Breakdown

  • Session 1: Single Life – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • Session 2: Married & Successful – Daily Life As A Wife
  • Session 3: The Real Work – What It Takes To Tie The Knot
  • Session 4: Open Q&A

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions will focus on learning and practicing the workshop material. Sessions are not a means for sharing or spending time on resolving any participant’s unique personal problems. If a participant wishes to discuss her person situation with the coach, she must arrange a separate one-on-one session.

Workshop Logistics

  • Total of four 90-minute live sessions with the coach
  • Each 90-minute session occurs weekly 
  • 24/7 access to participant workshop portal for 30 days
  • Homework and unique assignments provided
  • Sessions are interactive so participants must have a headset with microphone
  • Sessions are only LIVE and are NOT recorded
  • Privacy policy enforced

(Participants will not have personal email access to the coach for questions related to their specific personal problems. Rather, they must arrange a separate one-on-one session.)

Workshop Pricing

50 British pounds / 65 US Dollars / 25 JD

(Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.)

Mandatory Text

Finding Your Other Half: 8-Step Action Plan (E-book/Paperback)

(Not included in workshop price or materials. Must be purchased separately at our bookstore.)

Workshop Enrollment

Registration is currently not open.

By enrolling, you agree to our workshop privacy policy and terms of agreement.