“The service you offer is excellent mashallah and is of great value.”


“This experience has been fantastic, I have learnt so much from the coach, and looking back in retrospect I have made so many mistakes in talking to guys, main one being, ‘just expecting them to know’, without explaining, and also, my lack of understanding of how men truly work. Looking at how you have helped me, this advice is good in just how to understand men better and how they think. It’s been hands on, practical, and applicable to Muslims, which a book doesn’t give you.”


“All marriages need work and Muslima Coaching gives great advice for any woman wanting to improve and maintain a good marriage and home.”

Newfound Hope

“I had just accepted that my marriage was the way it was, and there was nothing I could do about it, so I forced myself to be happy and live with it. Now I know there are a list of things I can improve on to get a better marriage! And I feel like I have hope now, alhamdulillah. All the practical advice given on different situations are like wow, subhanAllah, is it really just as simple as that! Why did I make it so hard for myself all those years!”


“I’ve been married for almost 20 years, and I feel like this is the first time I’m learning how to be a wife.”


“I just finished reading the blog post today and I was so amazed at how beautiful, simple, and wise your advice is. I think any sensitive woman that’s been married for more than a few years can attest to its truths. MashAllah la quwatta illa billah. And I was so awestruck, and I kept thinking how needed and valuable this information is, and I doubt that there is anything similar on the web.”

Fresh Ideas

“I love the blog posts. I have gained a lot of value from them! Alhummdulilah I’ve been very happily married for over 8 years with many external struggles during that time but still very much in love. Muslima Coaching is helping not only those with marital problems but those who are very happy in their marriages too.”


“What really happens with me is put in a few paragraphs in your articles. Muslima Coaching has motivated me to practice the advice proposed as we can unknowingly put ourselves in a serious vicious circle. We do not realise that we repeat the same behaviour again and again. Sometimes we need someone to remind us.”

Islamic Nasiha

“I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for starting and maintaining this website. May Allah reward you and give you barakah in it. I love the fact that the advice here comes from the perspective of religion, from a desire to please Allah subhana tala in marriage, and at the same time takes into account and directly addresses the challenges we face in our times. Also, there is great comfort in having the coaching option available for people who might need it.”

Personal Improvement

“I found the course extremely beneficial as I saw areas in my marriage that I could improve on, such as the way I expressed myself, the way I would think about things. Marriage is work, and so its always useful to be reminded of things that you can do to make it a successful one. Even if your marriage is a good one, it will still help.”

Increased Intimate Connection

“Learning about the male attributes and what it takes to be feminine has been so valuable and essential for harmonious married life and helps to keep the marriage strong after 4 kids!  The tips at Muslima Coaching has to offer certainly work!  I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from Muslima Coaching and already see the beneficial effects in my own marriage.  JazakilLahu khairan!”


“I have honestly had such a different outlook since the session alhamduLillah. I have had less stress and worry as I always have and just felt more free than I have with regards to myself. I can’t tell you enough what the one-on-one session and the marriage classes have done for me. I’m almost like a new person. It is like I had blinkers on my eyes and by the grace of Allah swt was helped to remove them and see the blessings Allah swt has so generously bestowed upon me. I’m sure if you asked my husband he could vouch for how much I’ve changed.”

Marital Makeovers

“Before Muslima Coaching my marriage did not have a soul, we would both just play our roles and keep going on with life, it always felt like something was missing. “Where was my happily ever after?” I kept thinking. Through Muslima Coaching I have learned to see my marriage as an act of worship, seeing it as thus has helped reduce hurt feelings and has made the journey worthwhile because I remind myself that I am not dealing with my husband but rather with Allah, and it can all be a means of gaining a high rank with Him. Ever since I was a child I always dreaded conflict, I never knew how to handle them and this carried on into my marriage. But Alhumdullilah, Allah guided me to Muslima Coaching where I learned that conflict is not always bad, that knowing myself and being aware of my emotions can help me react in a way that is pleasing to Allah. Wait so I don’t have to throw a tantrum and think it’s the end of the world?! No! I can actually use the conflict to draw closer to Allah and grow more intimate with my husband! I still have a long way to go but I am hopeful that through Allah’s help and the tools I have received through Muslima Coaching things will only get better from here on inshaAllah. May Allah grant every woman the ability to make her home a safe haven for her husband and children, so that we can raise a generation that is pleasing to Allah. Aameen”


“I whole heartedly recommend this class because it teaches a married Muslim woman how to be a wife. This knowledge is crucial not just for newlyweds but also those who have been married for several years. By following the clear steps and easy examples laid out by the coach, a wife will be able see step-by-step changes and improvements in her marriage and will gain her husband’s love and devotion. She will be able to improve her conduct in her relationship with her husband and insha’Allah be able to gain Allah’s pleasure. I was able to see how successful marriages use a different set of skills than we use in our daily lives, and the coach gave us many pointers on how to hone those skills. We all know that men are different but most of us don’t know how to act on that belief. The coach was able to give us the knowledge on how we are different and how to use those differences to our advantage in order to gain Allah’s pleasure. I liked the coach’s action-oriented approach. She was positive throughout the sessions and made me believe that there is no problem that cannot be resolved or overcome in one’s marriage if one has a sincere intention to improve one’s relationship with one’s husband.”

“I’ve been trying to read everything you’re posting because I find the articles effective and clarifying. A hard part of wanting a good marriage is the idea some of us might have that ‘I’m working so, so, so hard to change, and trying so hard in every which way to be absolutely good, so when I fail, why should someone else tell me that everything I’m doing is wrong?’ Your articles entirely take the middleman out of the picture and help sisters help themselves and understand for THEMSELVES how to make their marriages good without feeling offended. And your articles leave aside the idea of “perfection” which I’ve felt from other self-help guides. “Either you’ve got it or you don’t” seems to be a pitfall, where some just give up because they are not perfect and cannot change overnight. You acknowledge that success means mistakes along the way, and not to give up hope, but to keep one’s eyes on the prize, even when we make mistakes. May Allah give you tawfeeq.”

Cleared Misconceptions

“Now step by step I have the keys to open the doors to a beautiful life with my husband and children.  Muslima Coaching has helped me to understand my husband and my role as a woman and wife and has thus cleared all my misconceptions of what marriage is.  Every woman needs to do this course, I have learnt so much!”

Tapping Into Feminine Power

“The course is a true gem and eye opener. While doing the program will definitely make a positive difference to marriages that are going through hard times, the program is also extremely beneficial to those who are looking to improve themselves or their marriage even more! If only I had this type of valuable information my first year of marriage I would have avoided so many unnecessary problems. This program raised my awareness as a woman and the power of the feminine. It enables women to understand their husband and how to express themselves to him in a way that maintains  self respect.  The best part is it is all done within Islamic context and refocuses our hearts to the real reason were learning how to improve our marriages: to Please Allah! Finally, I know how to be the best woman and wife I can because this program has provided me with tools that are achievable and realistic but what surprised me is it is also fun because you see results almost immediately Alhumdulilah!”

Guidance For Newlyweds

“This course shows you a way of living that not only leads you towards a happy marriage but guides you on how to please Allah. Taking this course well early on in my marriage helped me understand things about my husband, which there is no way I could’ve even guessed before. The coach provides us with insights on this topic and gives practical examples of what to do in specific situations that not only helped me with my marriage but helped me with my all my relationships; as she says: “You can’t change others but you can change yourself.” The tips she explains are so simple yet so powerful!”

Free Advice

“Thanks so much – jazaki Allahu khair – for posting the audio for us to listen at our own pace and often and whenever we want. I really want to be an awesome wife and have a really good marriage, so I’m looking forward to putting in practice more and more of what I learn from the audios and from your website.”