“All the new knowledge I have learned I wasn’t aware of. The way Ustadha Naielah explains it touches the heart. The way she explains it gives a motivation for doing things you perhaps already knew but didn’t do before.”

“I really enjoy attending Ustadha Naielah’s classes. Her sincerity, love for the deen, and desire to help us all work on our relationship with Allah most High is clearly evident. She is very knowledgeable and insightful.”

“Taught with sincerity and thoughtfulness.”

“I feel I have stronger love for doing certain things than before.”

“Ustadha Naielah is a source of great inspiration for all types of women.”


“What I loved was the ability to ask questions and the interaction between the student and teacher.”

“Everything was made very clear and the attitude of the teacher was very comforting and far from any judgement.”

“MashaAllah the best fiqh course I have taken!!!”


“I loved the engaging and lucid style of the teacher and the detailed handouts presenting complex information in an easy to follow format.”

“I loved learning the rulings from start to finish in a logical progression.”

“The format and organization makes it easy to learn.”

I like the way she explained things, and gave us the background of certain rules. It gives so much life into it. And the video, that’s also really nice. Alhamdulillah.”


“I love that it is a woman class only, and I think many will prefer that if they knew they had the option.” 

“I found the course brilliant mashaAllah. I’ve lost count of how many times I have studied the fiqh of purification, however what was so unique for me this time, was that it was the first time I studied the subject with a female teacher. The level of detail, the images/diagrams, specifics related to female anatomy and the way the course was delivered – the enthusiasm – was just perfect mashaAllah. I actually can’t wait until the upcoming course.”

“I would most definitely recommend your courses for mothers as it is easy facilitation for learning.”

“The teacher is awesome.”

Practical & Beneficial Knowledge

“I would definitely recommend the course as it is very relevant and important to practice our Deen in the best of ways and this course gives practical information.”

“Ustadha Naielah made me realize that I need to learn my deen deeper and better.”