The details related to trimming the hair were covered in Lesson 5b. Pictures were included in the video to help make things clearer inshaAllah. Please listen to this lesson before reading this answer in order to avoid any confusion inshaAllah.

One is only permitted to trim the required amount of hair from one’s head after completing the umrah rites. If one trims the hair before completing the umrah rites, a penalty is due.

The required amount of hair that must be trimmed from a woman’s hair in order to be released from a state of ihram is the extent of a finger joint (one inch) from one-fourth of the hair whose roots grow above the ears.

Please note the following:

  • It is permissible to trim one’s own hair.
  • The removal of the hair must be done within the sacred precinct (haram).
  • It is sunna to trim one inch around the entire head.
  • It is sunna to bury the hair.

Once one trims the required amount of hair, everything that was ruled as impermissible becomes permissible again inshaAllah.