Get motivated to fast Ramadan! A jam-packed, inspiring Ramadan guide for Muslim women. Filled with practical advice, basic fiqh, answers to common female questions, and much more. Organized into action steps that you can take to prepare for Ramadan. This guide will give you everything that you need to know about how to fast and how to make your Ramadan spiritual!

Action Steps For Ramadan

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This book is very handy, well written, and organized, written by expert & teacher Naielah Ackbarali. It's easy to read, and easy to use. Soft cover makes it less bulky if taking along in purse. Also good for mature youth girls. Thank You Once Again for another great effort.

A Must Have for Ramadan Canada

This book helped me prep for Ramadan. With my busy life, I love how it was not a huge thick book and I could go through the pages easily and slowly. I enjoyed every section but loved the reminders about spending time as a family. I will try to use all 21 examples into my Ramadan month and throughout the year as well. My teen even enjoyed the book as well!

This author is extremely knowledgeable United States

The advice was practical and actionable! Many great reminders of the ibadat that we can aim for.

A practical Ramadan guide for every Muslim woman! Australia

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