Ramadan For Women

Get ready for Ramadan! Make this Ramadan better than the last inshaAllah!

SHUKR Islamic Clothing has paired up with Ustadha Naielah Ackbarali from Muslima Coaching for a FREE webinar just for women.

Hear about the virtues of Ramadan.

Remind yourself about the essentials of fasting.

Listen to practical advice of how to gain the most out of this Ramadan.

For Fasting Answers:



Feedback From Ladies

“I felt refreshed and ready for Ramadan, it was nice to hear the joy in the teachers voice in welcoming Ramadan.”

“The sessions are always very motivational, relatable and makes you want to become a better person.”

“Thank for Ustadha Naielah for this amazing webinar!”

“Jazaki Allah Khairun for such a beautiful reminder and presentation! Very excited for Ramadan!”

“JazakAllahkhair so much for the beautiful Ramadan session, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend but AlhamduliLlah SO glad I did, learned a lot !!!!”

“Jazakillahu khayran! This has been wonderful.”

“Thank you for this! It was very helpful!”

“So useful. JazakAllah.”

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