Take this test to find out each other’s love language. Choose either a, b, or c and then add up your separate scores.

1 What would make you suspect that someone was upset at you?

a) The way they look or avoid looking at you.

b) Their tone of voice.

c) A feeling you get about their comfort level with you.

2 How would you know that you had a good day at work?

a) Your desk is clear or your “to do” list is complete.

b) You had a good meeting or productive telephone conversation.

c) An inner glow or a deep satisfaction with the day.

3 What kind of holiday activity would you prefer?

a) City sights, local tour, traveling to different countries.

b) Attending lectures, Islamic plays and singing at mawlids.

c) Eating at various cultural restaurants with friends and family.

4 Which of the following group of leisure activities would you choose?

a) Cinema, photography, interior design.

b) Listening to a taped book, talking for hours with a friend or singing.

c) Sport, sculpture, cookery.

5 Which type of TV program would you prefer to watch?

a) Art, Travel.

b) Talk Shows.

c) Cooking shows, DIY.

6 What would you prefer for an anniversary treat?

a) A weekend break away somewhere new.

b) Hearing a sweet poem read to you.

c) Your spouse cooking your favourite, romantic meal and being touched.

7 What would you do to de-stress and unwind?

a) Gaze at something relaxing, such as a candle.

b) Talk to a friend.

c) Get a full body massage or assemble something from scratch.

8 If you looked after a friend’s kid for the weekend, how would you like to be thanked?

a) A card.

b) A phone call.

c) A dessert or a hug.

9 Which of the following groups of jobs most appeal to you?

a) A fashion designer, house décor, accounting, or retail business.

b) Lecturer, customer service or telesales.

c) A gardener, a handyman, nursing or counselling.

10 What do you like to have in your home?

a) Lots of calligraphy, color, and beautiful decoration.

b) Books or nashid cd’s.

c) Soft cushions, tool shed, and big pots/pans for cooking up a storm.


MOSTLY A’s means you are a visual person.

MOSTLY B’s and you’re auditory.

MOSTLY C’s and you’re kinesthetic.

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