1. How many sessions will I need?

It depends on the client’s situation.

Before the first meeting, clients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, which the coach reviews before the session.

After the first meeting, the coach will assess how many follow-up meetings are needed and which coaching program would best suit the client’s needs.

In general, most clients need around two to six sessions in total inshaAllah.

2. What happens in a session? 

Sessions are conducted in a comfortable, friendly environment. Clients are encouraged to be open and honest about their situation and feelings.

During the first two sessions the coach asks many follow-up questions based on the client’s questionnaire in order to gain a greater understanding of the client’s personal circumstance. These initial sessions are very beneficial for the client as well because she begins to gain greater clarity about her situation.

The coach then gives the client practical homework to work upon during the week and the follow-up sessions are tailored around the needs of the client that arise through practicing the homework inshaAllah.

3. What issues do sessions focus on? 

It depends on what the coach feels is the most pressing issue and what the client is willing to discover about her life. Sessions can focus on helping the client:

  • overcome any emotional baggage from her childhood,
  • understand her husband’s personality better,
  • learn how to communicate successfully with her husband/parents,
  • or form new habits in conflict/life.

4. When do I pay?

It depends on the agreement between the client and the coach. Some clients are suggested to sign up for a full program and full payment will be due upfront for all of the sessions, while others are suggested to commit to a specific number of sessions and payment will be due 24 hours before the session each week.

Details on pricing and payment can be found in the Terms of Agreement.