Children can easily get lost in Makkah and Madina, and it is very distressing for both the parent and child.

There is a lost and found office for children. Ask the guards or cleaners for the location. In Madina, it is located under the Baqi’ Graveyard.

If you have children with you, agree on a drill that you’ll practice if they get lost. Teach them to wait in the place that they are in (and not to panic) in the event of you “losing” them. Instruct them to find the nearest guard that will stay with them if the time exceeds x-amount of minutes.

Put the hotel business card in your children’s pockets, as well as yours. Write your cell phone number on it. Teach your children to give this card to a guard and cry ‘mama’ or ‘baba’.

We’ve unfortunately had to witness a few people lose their children. It is definitely something that can happen so please take this matter seriously.