The terms of agreement come into effect as soon as the participant pays for the workshop.

The coach reserves the right to remove a participant from the workshop upon their failure to uphold the terms of agreement. No refunds will be given.

Section A. Session Structure

  1. Sessions will focus on learning and practicing the workshop material. Sessions are not a means for sharing or spending time on resolving any participant’s unique life/marital problem. If a participant wishes to discuss their life/marital situation with the coach, they must arrange a separate one-on-one session.
  2. The workshop sessions will consist of a two-hour live session with the coach.
  3. The day and time of the sessions will be announced in advance by Muslima Coaching. A participant’s payment confirms their agreement to attending the sessions on that specific day and time.

Section BPrivacy & Respect

  1. The participant promises to respect the views of the coach and all participants.
  2. The coach promises to respect the views of the participants.

Section C. Live Session Medium

  1. The live sessions will be hosted via Zoom.
  2. A private link/meeting code for accessing the group sessions will be shared with all participants after payment or no later than one hour before the workshop starts. This link cannot be shared with anyone else.
  3. Muslima Coaching is not responsible for any poor internet connection from the participant’s side, nor is Muslima Coaching responsible for resolving the participant’s unique technical issues.

Section D. Session Adab & Respect

  1. Sessions will start on time.
  2. Video will be used by the coach.
  3. No video will be used by the participant unless requested by the coach.
  4. The participant must keep their microphone on mute during the entire session unless the coach gives them permission to speak.
  5. Participants are permitted to use the chat box for commenting and asking questions.
  6. Questions will be held until the end of the session or any time the coach opens up the opportunity.
  7. The coach reserves the right to not answer a question that she deems irrelevant to the workshop topic or inappropriate for the audience.
  8. Participants are not permitted to curse or use any type of vulgarity while speaking or using the chat, nor can participants make offensive remarks about the religion of Islam, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), or his followers.

Section E. Email Support & Follow-Up

  1. If a participant wishes to discuss her life/marital situation with the coach, she must arrange a separate one-on-one session.
  2. Muslima Coaching reserves the right to send announcements or marketing material to the participant’s email address.

Section F. Sharing Copyrighted Material

  1. All workshop material and live sessions are copyrighted and under the sole ownership of Muslima Coaching.
  2. All videos, PDF slides, and posted answers are deemed private. Participants are not permitted to share them with non-participants via emails, instant messaging, social media, screenshots, and the like.
  3. All PDF and Word Documents are permitted to be saved to the participant’s computer.
  4. Muslima Coaching is not liable to any participant who loses their saved copy of the PDF documents.

Section G. Recording Sessions

  1. The participant is not permitted to record the sessions, whether by means of audio or video.
  2. Muslima Coaching will record the sessions. Participants will have access to any recordings for up to thirty days following the end of the workshop.

Section H. Missed Sessions Due To Participant & Cancellations

  1. Participants who miss sessions for any reason will not receive a makeup session.
  2. The coach is not obligated to answer questions asked by participants after the workshop ends.

Section I. Missed Sessions Due To Coach & Cancellations

  1. Any sessions missed due to the coach’s absence will be made up upon further notice of the coach’s circumstances.
  2. The coach reserves the right to cancel the entire workshop or a session if participants are not abiding by the terms of agreement. No refunds will be given for past sessions.

Section J. Payment

  1. Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.
  2. The coach reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a participant if full payment is not received within 72 hours of the first session’s start date and time. Full payment is the only means to officially confirm a slot.