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Staying in Madina is like the soothing feeling of a gentle breeze. Madina is the city where the last Prophet to mankind ﷺ is buried, it is the home of the Ansar, and it is the refuge place of the Muhajirin.

It is where many key battles were fought and where Muslims united as a community for the sake of Allah. There is a deep Islamic history in Madina and it is place where all Muslims must love.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “For the believer, Madinah is the best place. If only they could understand its virtue fully, they would never leave it, and whoever departs from Madinah, having become disenchanted with it, Allah will send someone better to replace him. And whoever bears patiently the ordeals of Madinah, for him shall I be an intercessor on the Day of Qiyaamah.” (Muslim)

It is imperative that anyone who visits Madina spends their time contemplating about its virtue and becoming enchanted by it.

Illuminate your time in this illuminated city:

  • Visit the Prophet ﷺ every day
  • Pray your obligatory prayers behind the imam
  • Make much dhikr of Allah Most High
  • Moisten your tongue with sending salawat on the Prophet ﷺ
  • Visit the historical sites that shaped the future of Islam
  • Make du’a for those buried in the Baqi’ cemetery every time you pass it
  • Read the seera or any book that increases one’s knowledge of the Prophet ﷺ
  • Recite, review, and memorize Qur’an in the mosque
  • Seek forgiveness from Allah at any given moment
  • Ask Allah for every need that you have, no matter how small
  • Reflect about where you’re heading spiritually
  • Pray any important istikhara relating to life choices
  • Pray the prayer of need (salatu’l hajah) for any difficulties that you’re experiencing
  • Makeup any missed prayers that you were negligent of in your life
  • Fill up on zamzam water and make du’a