Differences Between Men’s & Women’s Umrah

A woman is like a man in all the acts of umrah, except:

  • She wears sewn clothing (e.g. abayas, socks, underwear, hijab, etc)
  • She doesn’t expose her head (because she wears hijab)
  • She doesn’t raise her voice when pronouncing the talbiya
  • She doesn’t try to kiss the Black Stone or Yemeni Corner if men are surrounding it
  • She doesn’t swing her shoulders during the tawaf (raml) or expose her right shoulder (idtiba’)
  • She doesn’t run between the green lines but walks normally for the entire sa’y
  • She doesn’t shave her hair but cuts it
  • She doesn’t perform the umrah tawaf if she is in a state of menstruation/post-natal bleeding until her menstruation/lochia finishes and she takes a ghusl