Finding Your Other Half: 8-Step Action Plan

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Are you single and searching? Read our best tips and advice for single ladies intending to marry. Step-by-step, you will learn how to find the best husband for you and how to become a good wife inshaAllah.

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Book Details

This single sisters’ action guide contains:

  • Practical exercises that turn theory into action.
  • Down-to-earth advice about the realities of marriage so that you gain the right perspective.
  • List of signs that indicate if the suitor possesses the qualities of good men.
  • Details about popular mistakes that sisters make when seeking a spouse so that you avoid them.
  • Over 100 suggested questions to ask a potential spouse concerning marital roles, in-laws, children, life direction, and much more.
  • “Choosing A Husband” Checklist to guide you in your decision making.
  • A “Marriage CV” to send to any suitor


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Book Reviews

“Imagine someone taking you by the hand and helping you decide what to look for in a husband and how to become a truly successful wife. This guide is fantastic for any young woman who is seeking a righteous spouse and a good Islamic marriage. This time-tested advice is priceless!”



“In all I found the guide very insightful and practical, especially the exercises. This guide contains small but powerful secrets to a happy, blissful marriage that no one else will tell you. After all, you may know that your goal is to be a good wife, but if you don’t know the practical steps of how to get there, knowing your goal doesn’t help you much.”



“Wife Tips for Single Women is a must read for any unmarried sister. From busting common myths and revealing what makes a good marriage, to helping women better understand their own selves before asking the right questions to a potential husband, this handbook will help you avoid common pitfalls from the beginning and set a strong foundation towards a fulfilling and loving marriage, inshaAllah.”



“The 100 questions to ask a potential husband is exactly what I was looking for! Finally, Islamic advice just for single Muslim women. It is so exciting!”



“This is the first, and very much needed, comprehensive marriage guide that specifically targets single Muslim women. All of its teachings are based on our deen which is the foundation for a successful marriage. It equips young Muslim women to get a head start on their marriages and start it off on the right foot inshaAllah.”



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