Your Period Questions

Your Period Questions

How To Login & Use Course

The following are picture directions for how to:

  • Login To User Account
  • Access Your Courses
  • Access Lessons
  • Play Videos

If you’re using a mobile, please note that our course system is designed to be in landscape mode (turn your phone horizontally).


Login To User Account

Go to our website and press the login button. You will be redirected to the courses-login page. Enter your details and press login.

Access Your Courses

Scroll down and find the courses tab next to your username. Click on the word ‘Courses’ and choose the course you want to enter from the list that displays.



Access Lessons:

Select any lesson that you like from the course list. You can do this from the “Lesson Info” tab or inside the course system itself.




Play Videos

Press the play button. You can click the enlarge button to play in full screen mode.


For questions or concerns, please contact