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Muslima Coaching courses focus on teaching the practical aspects of the deen. Gain insight into modern-day solutions for everyday life problems. Make worshiping Allah Most High your ultimate life goal.

Free Audio Series: Be His Khadija

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A 4-part audio series just for wives! Learn how to be a shining example of a supportive and loving Muslim wife from the Mother of Believers, Khadija (Allah be pleased with her). 

This series is jam-packed with practical, modern-day advice that every wife needs to hear.

Total Time For Entire Series: 45 minutes

Episode 1: A Pearl House In Paradise

Episode 2: When He’s In His Cave

Episode 3: A Loving Embrace 

Episode 4: The First To Believe In Him


Live Workshop: The Truth About Marriage


A 4-week online workshop focused on helping single sisters learn about the realities of married life.

Happily-ever after isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a choice!

Forming a good marriage takes individual effort, time, and thought. It also requires adopting theright perspective and doing personal groundwork transformation before tying the knot.

Unfortunately, many single sisters fall into the mistake of waiting too long to prepare for marriage. Save yourself from the heartache of a bad marriage by learning and understanding how to make your future marriage successful NOW!

Join our NEW online workshop – “The Truth About Marriage” – and learn the honest reality of what it takes to make or break a romantic relationship with your future husband inshaAllah. Ask the questions that you’ve been dying to know answers to and discover for yourself the real story about married life.


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Live Workshop: Cure Complaints & Connect Hearts


A 4-week online workshop focused on helping married sisters better their communication skills with their husbands.

Is your marriage experiencing a complaint overdose?

Or are you silently holding in your disappointment due to the uncertainty of how to share it with your husband?

And are you baffled at your husband’s reaction when you actually try to express yourself?

In our NEW online weekend workshop – “Cure Complaints, Connect Hearts” – learn what causes complaints to happen in marriages, how to detox your relationship from complaints, and discover the best method to communicate your needs effectively with your husband inshaAllah.


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