COUPLES Coaching

Are you looking to strengthen your connection as a couple?

Wishing that you could develop a heartfelt understanding of each other?

Are you longing to learn strategies and tactics to help you successfully communicate and cure conflict?

Our faith-based Couples Coaching gives Muslim couples the ability to receive special attention for their unique situation by providing an outlet for follow-up, support, and ideas. 

I had just accepted that my marriage was the way it was, and there was nothing I could do about it, so I forced myself to be happy and live with it. Now I know there are a list of things I can improve on to get a better marriage! And I feel like I have hope now, alhamdulillah. All the practical advice given on different situations are like wow, subhanAllah, is it really just as simple as that?! Why did I make it so hard for myself all those years!”  


  • Deen Support – Learn Islamic solutions for your marital issues

  • Love Support – Develop the skills of how to speak with love using our communication tactics

  • Heart Support – Make your home and heart safe from breaking up with our conflict resolution strategies

  • Emotional Support – Improve your emotional intelligence with our sensitivity exercises

  • Family Support – Hear ideas of how to deal with extended family with our in-law advice

  • Intimacy Support – Gain an appreciation for how males and females need to receive affection and love with our gender difference education

I felt very positive after the session and hopeful of being able to resolve things!”  


  • Private video sessions with the coach

  • Direct positive motivation from the coach

  • Session content individually catered to couple’s current situation

  • Faith-based advice and solutions

  • Choose the days/times of the sessions

  • Homework assignments custom-made to couple’s current situation

  • Unlimited email access

  • Complete confidentiality 

“I was so amazed at how beautiful, simple, and wise your advice is.” 


  • Studied traditional knowledge with scholars from Syria, Jordan, and Yemen with an interest in women’s issues like marriage and menstruation

  • Trained strategic relationship coach

  • Certified life coach

  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner

  • Over 7 years of coaching experience with clients from all over the world (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia & Middle East)

  • BA degree from Florida State University with a double major in International Affairs and Sociology

  • Author of five books in marriage (Find them at our bookstore or on Amazon)

  • Married for over 13 years

“I love the fact that the advice here comes from the perspective of religion, from a desire to please Allah subhana tala in marriage, and at the same time takes into account and directly addresses the challenges we face in our times.”  


  • Each session runs for 60 minutes 

  • Muslim couples only 

  • Conducted via SKYPE, Zoom, Google Hangout, phone, or in person

  • Timing and scheduling depends on coach’s availability

  • 45 British pounds or 60 US dollars per 60 minute session

  • Payment via PayPal, credit/debit, or UK bank transfer

“The service you offer is excellent mashallah and is of great value.”  


1. Read all of the following documents:

2. Each spouse must fill out the Client Questionnaire below. We will assess your situation and confirm if we are able to help inshaAllah.

3. We will then agree on an exact date and time for your sessions. Contact us at for inquiries.  

DISCLAIMER: Appointments must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Clients must submit payment by clicking the PAYMENT link after agreeing with the coach on a set day/time. Full payment is the only way to officially confirm an appointment.

UK bank transfers are an option for UK residents only. Please email for NatWest bank information.