Yes, women can attend the Friday prayer (jum’a) in Makkah and Madina alhamduliLlah.

In Makkah, the mosque gets filled quickly before Zuhr enters. If you would like to attend the Friday prayer inside the mosque, it is advisable to go to the mosque at least one hour before Zuhr enters. The guards do block off the entrances to the mosque when they feel like the mosque is too crowded.

Even if you arrive at the adhan or later, it is still possible to pray the Friday prayer but you will most likely pray outside on the courtyard (bring a prayer mat because the tiles may be HOT from the sun’s glare) or you will be redirected to the new King Abdullah extension. In the Clock Tower area, some pray in organized lines inside the mall. It’s better to pray in the lines that are directly connected to the followers in the prayer on the courtyard inshaAllah.

In Madina, the mosque also fills up quite quickly before Zuhr enters, but one can pray on the outside courtyard in the women’s area. Bring a prayer mat because the tiles may be HOT from the sun’s glare. The guards will not allow you to pray anywhere but the women’s section.

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