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A collection of downloadable e-guides, e-novels, e-workbooks, and e-quizzes. Gain access to answers for common questions, modern-day solutions, and practical exercises/quizzes. Each product is specifically tailored to the unique needs of single sisters, newlyweds, or all married women.

Wife Tips: Love Scripts - Getting Through To Him


An e-novel and e-guide combined. Read an inspiring and uplifting story of a woman struggling to communicate her needs to her husband and how she overcomes it using Muslima Coaching’s tactics.

Love Scripts – Getting Through To Him is a 113 page PDF that contains some of Muslima Coaching’s best wife tactics.  A modern-day marriage story that will help you to:


  • Muslima Coaching’s “Master Love Plan” Explained
  • Reflective Questions
  • Coach’s Analysis


  • Muslima Coaching’s T.A.L.K. Tender Tactic Explained
  • Sample Love Scripts To Say To Your Hubby
  • Answers To Frequently Asked Questions


  • Muslima Coaching’s “Restore Connection” Conflict Protocol Explained
  • Muslima Coaching’s “Express Hurt Feelings” Formula Explained

Wife Tips: The How-To's Of A Successful Muslim Wife


A comprehensive guide for new brides to ensure that they start their marriage off on the right foot inshaAllah. 

Perfect for wives who are still within the first two years of their marriage, but a great read for all wives inshaAllah.

A 159 page PDF that contains some of Muslima Coaching’s best wife tactics:

  • How to win a husband’s heart with our Master Love Plan
  • How to understand his needs with our Love Language Guide
  • How to voice wants and needs with our T.A.L.K. Tender Formula
  • How to handle conflict with our Conflict Protocol
  • How to heal childhood hurts with our Childhood Triggers Drill
  • How to overcome being sensitive with our Oversensitivity Drill
  • How to stay motivated with our Successful Muslim Wife Manifesto
  • How to stay on top of it all with our Daily Wife Checklist


Wife Tips: Preparing To Be A Good Wife


A full-blown e-guide just for single sisters intending to marry. Read our best tips and advice for ladies who are single and searching.

A 147 page PDF that contains:

  • Practical exercises in each section that gradually prepare you to become a good wife.
  • Down-to-earth advice about the realities of marriage so that you gain the right perspective.
  • Answers to common questions about men to clue you in on what men really want.
  • Personal quizzes that help you understand your own emotions, communication style, and much more.
  • List of signs that indicate if the suitor possesses the qualities of good men.
  • Details about popular mistakes that sisters make when seeking a spouse so that you avoid them.
  • Over 100 suggested questions to ask a potential spouse concerning marital roles, in-laws, children, life direction, and much more.
  • “Choosing A Husband” Checklist to guide you in your decision making.
  • A “Marriage CV” to send to any suitor

Quiz Set: Love Connection Kit


A collection of quizzes that will help you to discover what are the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage, as well as providing simple solutions for them inshaAllah.

The Love Connection Kit is a 24 page PDF that contains quizzes which will assess your relationship at a deeper level. The answer keys state general solutions for each problem area too.

The Love Connection Kit consists of:

  • The Spiritual Connection Scale
  • The Emotional Connection Scorecard
  • The Communication Connection Quiz
  • The Conflict Connection Checklist


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