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“This story was amazing and I really loved it. The novel format makes it stand out from other marriage books because the narrative style helps the reader to understand how to implement the story better than the traditional “advice books”. Again, jazakumAllah for your work!”  


$7 USD 

“I found this a really enjoyable and beneficial read. The author has an engaging writing style and the tips and advice are just so real and spot on. I pray that many marriages will become of the successful examples that she writes about.”  


$5 USD 

“This book is awesome.”  


$12 USD

“These helped me narrow down exactly what we should work on to improve our marriage. The scenarios are all real-life and relatable scenarios and there is plenty of useful information offered after calculating your scores.”  


$5 USD

“This is a great guide that combines Islamic teaching and modern relationship advice in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Simple, clearly set out and easy to refer back to. I would definitely recommend it to those newly married or getting married.”  


$12 USD

“Imagine someone taking you by the hand and helping you decide what to look for in a husband and how to become a truly successful wife. This guide is fantastic for any young woman who is seeking a righteous spouse and a good Islamic marriage. This time-tested advice is priceless!”  


$12 USD