There are six main gates:

  1. King Abdul Aziz Gate: corresponds to the Yemeni corner
  2. King Fahd Gate: corresponds to half way between the Shami corner and Yemeni corner
  3. Umrah Gate: Corresponds to the Shami (Syrian) corner
  4. King Abdullah Gate (NEW so not listed on this map): Corresponds to the Ka’ba spout (mizab)
  5. Fath Gate: Corresponds to the Iraqi corner
  6. As-Salam Gate: Corresponds to the mas’aa – in the past, this gate was known as Bani Shayba and it was closer to the Ka’ba door but with the mosque expansions, it was demolished and moved further back

The busiest gate is the King Abdul Aziz Gate because it is on the Clock Tower Hotel side. Try to enter through the King Fahd Gate or the Umrah Gate in order to avoid the overcrowding.